This is the second issue of the Journal of Global Peace and Security Studies (JGPSS).  The JGPSS has recently received ISSN # 2708-7786 and is now broadly indexed on almost every open indexing platform. JGPSS is a peer reviewed biannual journal which publishes innovative research articles on peace and security studies. JGPSS addresses theoretical and practical questions posed by the fast-changing world by focusing on the emerging trends and counter-trends in the field of peace and security studies. The intersection of global, state and non-state actors, state sovereignty, environmental degradation, refugees and migration crisis, population explosion, gross human rights violation, transnational crime, terrorism, international regimes, peacebuilding, and cyberspace are the areas that pose challenges to the traditional understanding of security. This journal aims to look into the broadened and deepened concepts of security and conditions of peace.

Published: 2020-07-01