The status of multiculturalism in Pakistan


  • Jamal Shah Government Post Graduate College, Mardan, KP.


Multiculturalism, Pakistan, Ethnicity, Blasphemy law and Ulema.


Modern states are plagued with the issues of diversity which required political solution. Though there cannot be a universal solution fitting every state, every state strives for contextual solution to face diversity. Pakistan, being dominantly a Muslim state, has cultural, linguistic, ethnic and religious minorities none of which is in the position to demand self-government but accommodation and recognition by the dominant group. The blasphemy law and high degree of Islamisation have aggravated the position of minorities which require modification. The Muslim-Minority relations are also affected by the international events. The present study is an attempt to highlight the status of multiculturalism and issues of minorities by projecting the political and constitutional structure of Pakistan with an emphasis on blasphemy law. It will show the history and expression of ethnicity and the complaints of the religious minorities. At the end it will dig out some recommendation to provide a favorable environment for minorities in Pakistan.




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