A Liberal Approach towards Managing Plurality

  • Dr. Jamal Shah
Keywords: Multiculturalism, toleration, comprehensive liberalism, political liberalism, benign neglect, state neutrality.


Modern communication and globalization have brought the issues of minorities to
the forefront of national and international concern. The notion of “Nation-State”
is no longer a feasible criterion for stability in modern societies where states are
composed of a variety of groups, nations, and minorities having different and
sometimes contradictory conceptions of a good life. Scholarly exploration of the
concepts of recognition and diversity of cultural groups proposes that a
multicultural scheme must tackle histories of domination and exclusion. Now a
question arises “what theoretical orientation is most hospitable to the ideals of
multiculturalism?” and again “is liberalism an answer to the problems of
multicultural societies and if ‘yes’ which version?” In this study, I will try to
investigate the effectiveness of marriage between multiculturalism and political
liberalism. The paper shows that it is the Kukathasian model of liberal society and
toleration that is more hospitable with diversity.