Post COVID-19: Projections on Social, Medical, Globalization, and Defense based Parameters

  • Muhammad Rameez Mohsin
  • Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed
  • Tauqeer Ahmed
Keywords: Defense, pandemic, COVID 19, social distancing, health, globalization, regionalization.


The world is experiencing a novel and deadly pandemic of COVID-19. The disease
primarily manifested in Wuhan, China but has now spread all across the globe.
This study is aimed at giving viable deductions regarding the Post COVID-19
changes that will occur in various aspects of global life. It highlights probable
changes in post-Covid 19 world. Authors claim that it will produce inevitable longlasting
changes e.g. joblessness, social distancing and avoiding large scale social
gatherings. This pandemic has made all countries realize their vulnerability due to
the fragile state of their health sectors. Pandemic evinces that governments will
introduce massive reforms in the health sector. It entails short as well as long term
reforms. The present crisis of health will leave a mark on how we access and
interact with the environment. It is premature to assume as to what the pandemic
will entail unequivocally for defense sector, but the effect will be there.