The Impact of China's Maritime Expansion on Regional Security


  • Abdul Rauf Iqra University Islamabad


China's maritime expansion in the South China Sea has sparked worries about regional security and potential conflict among states sharing maritime boundaries. This research paper investigates China's maritime expansion and its effects on regional security, focusing on its economic and strategic motivations and Indo-Pacific international relations. The article opens with an introduction that offers historical context for China's maritime expansion and the economic and strategic actions motivating these actions. The research topic focuses on understanding why China is pursuing maritime expansion, the impact on the maritime environment, and the implications for international relations in the region. The theory contends that China's maritime expansion is a result of economic and geopolitical interests and has significant ramifications for regional stability and security. A literature study synthesizes current research on the historical, economic, and strategic factors driving China's maritime expansion, the potential implications for power, and the responses of regional and global powers to China's expansion. The analysis and findings section covers China's maritime expansion motivations, potential destabilizing implications for regional security, and regional and global responses. The study finishes by emphasizing the importance of understanding China's maritime expansion's economic and geopolitical interests and its potential effects on Indo-Pacific regional security and international relations. The research emphasizes the necessity for regional and global cooperation to address the challenges posed by China's actions in the South China Sea and to maintain stability and security in the region.



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