South China Sea Militarization: Analyzing Chinese and US Interests


  • Shoaib Awan Iqra University
  • Mohaimen Nawab Iqra University Islamabad


South China Sea, National Security, Freedom of Navigation, US-China Relations, Status Quo, Militarization


The involvement of many claimant states in the South China Sea has made it a complex dispute and raised concerns about national security, freedom of navigation, and natural resources in the region. The strategic location of the region is one of the key factors due to which the dispute is going on among internal as well as external powers, especially the United States. The constant clashes between China and the US have deteriorated their relations. The US thinks of China as a giant competitor that can challenge the status quo in the region, while China wants to attain control over the South China Sea due to its strategic location. The interests and strategies used by them have taken the region towards militarization.




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