Navigating Non-Traditional Security Concerns in Pakistan’s Digital Terrain


  • Zaid Khan Mphil Scholar, Iqra University Islamabad Campus


Internet landscape, non-traditional security, cybercrime, online radicalization, misinformation, censorship, cyber security, legal framework, policy recommendations.


Pakistan's online environment is growing at a never-before-seen rate due to an increase in internet users and the swifter expansion of digital infrastructure. The security and stability of Pakistan are now seriously threatened by non-traditional security challenges that have emerged as a result of these changes. This study aims to look at these brand-new online security issues in Pakistan, such as censorship, misinformation, online radicalization, and cybercrime. It provides an overview of the present situation and investigates the causes, consequences, and solutions to these issues. The report discusses the legislative and regulatory framework for resolving these problems as well as recommendations for improving Pakistan's cyber security  and safeguarding its digital environment.  The results of this study will help in developing policies and strategies for dealing with non-traditional security concerns in Pakistan's internet environment.



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