Unemployment, Crime & inflation in Pakistan: Socio-economic determinants of crime


  • Anum Rafique Student, Iqra University Islamabad


Inflation, Unemployment, Crime


Crimes have forever infested each society in human history. The history of crime is as recent as the history of grouping. The primary crime was committed by an adult male, the primary son of Adam and Eve, once he died his brother Abel out of jealousy. Crime may be a major supply of insecurity and discomfort in each society. This research paper is formulated to find a link between crime and various economic factors like unemployment and inflation in the context of Pakistan. This research study is based on a quantitative research method. Primary research methods were used to conduct this research. I aimed to address a theoretical research problem. Multiple-choice questions were designed, and the survey was conducted online. Almost 53 samples were taken. Data was analyzed in a statistically valid way by using SPSS. Since the analysis studies have indicated that unemployment causes an explicit proportion of crime. There is a converse connection between inflation and joblessness. In this research, study results show that there is a positive relationship between unemployment and crime. As unemployment increases the crime rate in that country also increases, and then the matter of unemployment has to be resolved. The government includes a vital role in dominant the speed of unemployment among the youth. Trained young men ought to be actively engaged in revenue-generating activities that can occupy them and, at an equivalent time, give a supply of financial gain.




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