Airline Industry of Pakistan: Challenges and Prospects


  • Arfa Shahid MPhil IDS, Iqra University Islamabad Campus


Airline industry in Pakistan, Airlines of Pakistan, Pakistan International Airlines, PIA


It is important to register the significance of any industry for wellbeing and the economy of any country. Then it becomes necessary to confirm the smooth evolvement of that industry. Airlines of Pakistan hold great impact in the Aviation Industry of Pakistan. Pakistan Airlines like any other industry are facing many challenges. These challenges are either not considered or not addressed properly. Many researches have been made on the Government run Pakistan International Airline (PIA) which is one of the many other airlines running in the country. Other private owned airlines also share a huge percentage of contribution to aviation and Pakistan’s economy but no research has been made on their progress and challenges faced by them. This research is aimed to point out the less spoken and less addressed problems faced by all airlines of the country. This study does not limit itself to government run airline. It is conducted primarily by conducting elite interviews of the key personnel of the airlines and secondarily the statistical data is extracted from the related published materials. The study finds that the issues that appear to be insignificant, in real bring massive differences in the successful progression of the industry. It has also been evident that multiple factors exist with causation effect. The study mentions recommendations on how little change in our attitude and practices can bring considerable positive results for the industry and eventually for the country.



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