Graduate Journal of Pakistan Review (GJPR) <p>This journal is setup to promote research activities in Pakistan by providing a publication platform to the university students and junior scholars so that they can publish their work. This will help in creating a research-friendly environment in Pakistani academia.</p> Pakistan Review Research & Publications en-US Graduate Journal of Pakistan Review (GJPR) Saudi Arabia Power Struggle In The Middle East And Its Dependency On United States: Causes And Consequences <p>Saudi Arabia is a Sunni majority country in the Middle East region. Since, revolution of 1979 in Iran, the Kingdom is poised to become a regional power. The Middle East region is instable following internal conflicts colored with religious and ethnic division. Saudi Arabia and Iran are the main players in the region striving for regional supremacy. This study is intended to analyze Saudi Arabia power struggle in the Middle East region following its dependency on the United States. Multiple factors led to Saudi’s strive for regional supremacy.Firstly, Iran is a non-Arab state believing on Shia faith of Islam. After revolution, Iran is active to promote and protect Shia faith in the region particularly in Arab populated areas. Saudi Arabia sees the growing influence of Iran in the region as an existential threat.</p> <p>Secondly, the Kingdom fears that if Iran has not contended timely in Arab States, it will lose its grasp on the Arab world. The Kingdom also fears and alleged Iran to instigate Saudi Shia minority group against the Kingdom. Following the fear of any rebel from Saudi Shias, the Kingdom has strictly depressed minority groups. Thirdly, the rise of non-State actors and their activities in the region have threatened Saudi’s internal security. This study is intended to analyze the Saudi power struggle in the Middle East under the umbrella of the United States. The study's central theme is Saudi Arabia's dependency on the United States in perspectives of its weak security position in the Middle East. Moreover, the study has also pointed out the factors that have made Saudi Arabia dependent on the United States instead of the bilateral relationship and mutual peace initiatives in the region.</p> Akhtar Zaman Copyright (c) 2022 Akhtar Zaman 2022-08-08 2022-08-08 2 2 The Role Of Media In National Development <p>This study aims to explore the impact of media on the national development. There are different aspects of national development and this study focused on the political, economic and social sides of the national development. Media plays a very strong role in determining the attitudes and shaping the behaviors of the individuals in a society. Free press and media can contribute a lot to the political development, economic growth and eradicating social injuries from the society. Therefore, media and its reach are important elements that can help to adopt a democratic approach in politics, achieve economic sustainability and eradicate social evils from a society. This study explains the role of media as a gatekeeper, watch dog and the force multiplier. The role media can play in political development, economic development and the social development of the country is very critical since the individual’s perceptions and actual behaviors are shaped with help of print, electronic and social media channels. Media can also act as a medium of state propaganda and it can become a resistance for change as well as a supporter for any change. Media has a significant impact on the national development because media is responsible for shaping the national identity and censoring the sensitive information. The impact of media on national development is also dependent on the restrictions faced by the media. The free press and media will have a larger impact on national development as compared to the restricted media.</p> Kiran Shabbir Copyright (c) 2022 Kiran Shabbir 2022-08-08 2022-08-08 2 2 Environmental Impacts of Neelum Jhelum Hydropower Project <p>Neelum jhelum Hydropower plant is the part of a hydroelectric power scheme which is designed to divert water from Neelum river to a power station on Jhelum river. The Neelum river portion in Indian territory is known as the Kishan Ganga river and a similar power plant is located over there. The power plant is divided into three main parts C1, C2 and C3. C1 is the first stop and is the Nowsehri point. The water is accumulated and diverted from this point to the generation plant C3 through an underground tunnel. The tunnel is divided into two tunnels at C2 which is the main area of electricity generation. For the protection of natural environment all the developmental projects need to be accessed in terms of environment. This study is known as Environmental Assessment for infrastructural and developmental projects and it is vital to achieve sustainable development goals. This can be achieved through good governance but this potential is scarcely subjugated in developing nations like Pakistan. En\vironment study for all private or public projects is obligatory under Pakistan Environmental Act 1997.</p> Marina Khan Copyright (c) 2022 Marina Khan 2022-08-08 2022-08-08 2 2 Airline Industry of Pakistan: Challenges and Prospects <p>It is important to register the significance of any industry for wellbeing and the economy of any country. Then it becomes necessary to confirm the smooth evolvement of that industry. Airlines of Pakistan hold great impact in the Aviation Industry of Pakistan. Pakistan Airlines like any other industry are facing many challenges. These challenges are either not considered or not addressed properly. Many researches have been made on the Government run Pakistan International Airline (PIA) which is one of the many other airlines running in the country. Other private owned airlines also share a huge percentage of contribution to aviation and Pakistan’s economy but no research has been made on their progress and challenges faced by them. This research is aimed to point out the less spoken and less addressed problems faced by all airlines of the country. This study does not limit itself to government run airline. It is conducted primarily by conducting elite interviews of the key personnel of the airlines and secondarily the statistical data is extracted from the related published materials. The study finds that the issues that appear to be insignificant, in real bring massive differences in the successful progression of the industry. It has also been evident that multiple factors exist with causation effect. The study mentions recommendations on how little change in our attitude and practices can bring considerable positive results for the industry and eventually for the country.</p> Arfa Shahid Copyright (c) 2022 Arfa Shahid 2022-08-08 2022-08-08 2 2 Impact of Separated Families on Students Educational Performance and Social Development <p>The smallest, most delicate, and most significant social system that is supported and enabled by society as a broader social system is the family. The family, being a significant primary agent of socialization and a strong effect on the child's development, can undoubtedly help or hurt the child's academic performance depending on the social climate in the home. This study aims to assess how Separated families affect students' academic achievement and behavioral growth in public elementary schools. Three hundred (500) identified respondents who were from dysfunctional households were chosen to take part in the study.</p> <p>To test the students' knowledge of the subject, the researchers utilized a descriptive-survey research technique design. They used a customized questionnaire (Behavioral Checklist from Psychological Associates, 2019) and field observations to gather data. It was discovered that while factors like age, sex, grade level, sibling count, and who a student lives with have no bearing on how they behave in school, their behavior development does. This study came to the conclusion that a learner's behavior and attitude have an impact on their academic progress.</p> Muzamil AL Hussaini Copyright (c) 2022 Muzamil AL Hussaini 2022-08-08 2022-08-08 2 2