Work Place Aggression: Role of Leadership in Aggression


  • Mujeeb Rehman Iqra University


The main purpose of this Research paper is to find and locate the role of Leadership in workplace aggression. I have gone through many of the Literature of Workplace Aggression to find out the behavior of leaders at the workplace aggression takes place. The workplace aggression is the neglected part of any organization to achieve their goals. The managers are not interested in to find out the routes of aggression in the employees to better their performance and prove adequate resources to the employees to make them stress free and concentrate on their job.

The study used survey based questionnaire for primary data gathering. A sample size of 20 Customer Services Representatives working in Islamabad and Rawalpindi collected to find out the differences. I researched about some points that what leaders do during the aggression and eventually overcome the loss which is faced by the Organization.

The convenience sampling technique was used to generate the data from the employees. This technique is easy and comfortable to use without puzzling the victim.

In conclusion I am able to analysis that what Leaders can play role in the aggression and how they focus about the aggression happening in their organization. Either instead of resolving employees’ problems the Leadership thinks that the problem should be dealt by the employees themselves or they have time to resolve each employee’s issues personally and officially.




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