Book Review: Has China Won The Chinese Challenge to American Primacy


  • Syed Shah Hussain Iuic


American Primacy, USA, Foreign Policy of China, Global governance, U.S.-China relation


Kishore Mahbubani's "The Chinese Challenge to American Primacy" (2020). The book provides an insightful examination of China's ascent and its consequences for the international system. Kishore Mahbubani questions Western viewpoints, calling for a more complex comprehension of China's rise and supporting a cooperative strategy for the U.S.-China relationship. The book examines the historical development of China, highlighting the necessity for the West—especially the United States—to adjust to a shifting geopolitical environment. The book significantly adds to the conversation on international relations and the changing dynamics between major global powers because of Mahbubani's appeal for pragmatic engagement, consideration of China's legitimate interests, and a reevaluation of global governance.



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