The History of Aims of Education in Pakistan


  • Maham Farooq University of the Punjab


Aims of education, educational needs of 21st century,, Islamic ideology, Pakistan’s aims of education


The research article explains the meaning, nature and importance of aims of education in Pakistan. Aims of education are crucial for keeping the educational activity on the right track. Aims of education do not allow the educational process to become haphazard, vague and confused. Aims of education are discussed keeping in view the determining factors, different eras (time periods) and educational needs of 21st century. Islam is a very dynamic religion and it expects people to be active and dynamic in the social order so aims of education according to Islam are also discussed. Islamic Republic of Pakistan is based on Islamic ideology and its aims of education should reflect the Islamic ideology. History of Aims of education mentioned in the educational policies of Pakistan are further analyzed and it is inferred that more or less, same aims of education are discussed in them but the educational system failed to fully achieve the desired aims mainly due to failure in accomplishing major changes (implementation) required in educational system in order to achieve those aims and political instability. It is concluded that aims of education are different for every society which means that aims of education should be formulated according to the ideological needs of a Pakistan and should be fully implemented so that those societal needs can be fulfilled and the country can prosper.


Key words: Aims of education, educational needs of 21st century, Islamic ideology, Pakistan’s aims of education



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