Child Behavioural Development via Toys


  • Sara Sumbal Siddiqui Student


TV, play and toys influence child’s early age development. Child associates themselves to things and it later on portrays their development. Parents play a great influence in this regard; they have certain factors in their minds while purchasing a toy for their child and they choose it accordingly this research is all about studying those factors which effects toy purchasing decisions.
The objective of this study is to identify the factors that effects parents mind while toy purchasing decision for their child.
Significance: The significance of this study is based on investigating the factors of parental toy decision and determining the relative importance of selected toys on child development. Nature of research is quantitative and is collected through survey based on a questionnaire distributed among parents of toddlers sample size is approximately 30 and collected by using random sampling technique. Data is analyzed by using SPSS software. The results shows that many of parents prefer buying toys that can be source of learning few parents just thought of buying it as a fun factor and many parents were concerned about gender while purchasing a toy. Many parents are concerned about type of toys and those factors affect them while making a decision as it influence in child development. Limitation of this research is that it is only limited to toddler parents and data is only collected from Islamabad. Future research can include children’s above 4yrs and can also focus on relationship between child and toys like how certain toys influence child development.




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