• Dr. Raziq Hussain Assistant Prof., Department of International Relations, Muslim Youth University, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Munir Ahmad Student
  • Alyas Ali Chaichi M S Scholar, Department of International Relations Muslim Youth (MY) University, Islamabad


Resource allocation, great power politics, climate change, geopolitical considerations, competition, disparities


"The primary objective of this investigation is on how the policies of great powers affect resource allocation in the context of the effects of climate change. It examines the dynamics, issues, and effects of resource allocation inequalities as well as how they relate to the actions and goals of major international powers. The research project uses core theoretical frameworks including realism and the theories of international relations to investigate the multifaceted connection underlying the politics of great powers and resource distribution. The study uses case studies and actual events to analyze the competition for resources that are scarce among great countries, disparities in resource distribution depending on geopolitical factors, the significance of financial influence and power, and the effects of partisan alliances and rivalries. Insufficient resource allocation's impacts on the environment, humanity, and economy are also evaluated by the study. Based on these findings, the report gives particular recommendations for politicians and other parties that are interested. These ideas place a strong emphasis on international cooperation, enhancing the functioning of financial building and assistance, facilitating technology transfer, advancing concepts of inclusion and equity, and raising public awareness and participation. This work contributes to the academic discussion of resource allocation and great power politics by offering information that may be used to build policies and promote effective climate action. To advance and build on this information, further research and collaboration must take place. This will eventually lead to resource allocation that is fair and sustainable in the face of climate change obstacles.



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Hussain, D. R., Ahmad, M., & Chaichi, A. A. (2023). RESOURCE ALLOCATION AND CLIMATE CHANGE: INFLUENCE OF GREAT POWER POLITICS. Graduate Journal of Pakistan Review (GJPR), 3(2), 1–12. Retrieved from