The Russian-Ukraine War reverberating across World Regions


  • Muhammad Ali Malik Riphah International University


Russia, Ukraine, Crisis, War, Conflict, Long-Term Effects, Oil & Gas, World War 3, Current Affairs


The following article discusses the world-wide effects of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine and the amount of damage it has done, creating crisis in terms of hike in oil and gas prices, shortage of food items and overall expensiveness. It also discusses the long-term effects if the war continues as it has divided the world into two groups i.e. one supporting Russia and the other supporting Ukraine. This situation has affected poor countries who had to have neutral stance on the situation but it still costed them. The opinions and stances behind the war of both the countries and other countries of the world have been discussed in detail and the events that led to invasion have been highlighted. The steps taken by West to stop Russia and its response to all those steps have also been noted down. After highlighting the stances of both the sides and discussing what happened and what should not have happened. The researcher provides conclusions at the end of the article.



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