• Muhammad Ali Malik Riphah International University


Politics, Music, Influence, Youth, Protest Music, Effects, Agenda


In recent years, a series of protest movements have occurred mostly in the capital city Islamabad in response to the actions of sitting governments of their times. The movements of capturing the capital started from 2014 and are still happening today. These are due to various reasons including inflation, poverty, rise in prices of fuel and food items etc. The movements contain a large number of young protestors as youth comprises most of the population of Pakistan. In order to mobilize them and keep them entertained, different political anthems are played.” This strategy was once used by the modern political parties to mobilize their followers but with the passage of time, the opponent parties also noticed the impact of music in attracting people and they also started making their own party anthems. Religious parties which considered Music haram since they were founded also have songs on their leaders these days. Music is such a powerful tool that made such parties change their agendas. This paper seeks to understand how music has been employed in protest environments. We will draw upon historic and recent examples to demonstrate how music became a strategy to attract masses especially youth with the passage of time as music is one of the best tools for delivering messages and brainwashing masses. This paper seeks to understand how music articulates messages of protest through the use of semiotics and how music has been employed in protest environments. The paper ends with a brief discussion with concluding remarks.



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