Causes of popularity of ARY news among Pakistani youth


  • Muhammad Wasif Khan Riphah International University


Pakistan news media, agenda setting, Political biasness, news channel popularity


This study examined the popularity of news channels on social media platforms and the news consumption habits and opinions of young people in Pakistan using the uses and gratification theory. The results showed that ARY News has experienced a significant increase in popularity on social media following the ousting of Imran Khan in April 2022 and is the most preferred news channel among respondents aged 16 to 32. This popularity may be due to the perception that ARY News is more unbiased and less prone to spreading misinformation compared to other news channels, as well as its alignment with the interests and values of its audience. The survey results also revealed that a significant majority of respondents use social media as their primary source of news and are interested in political news. Despite these trends, most respondents still believe that ARY News provides the most accurate and reliable news coverage. These findings suggest that news channels should focus on building their presence on social media and strive to be perceived as unbiased and reliable sources of information to attract and retain young viewers. In addition, it may be beneficial for news channels to use social media analytics tools to understand the demographics and interests of their audience and tailor their content accordingly.



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