The Role Of Media In National Development


  • Kiran Shabbir MPhil IDS, Iqra University Islamabad Campus


Role of media, Role of social media, Role of conventional media, Social Development, Economic Development, National Development


This study aims to explore the impact of media on the national development. There are different aspects of national development and this study focused on the political, economic and social sides of the national development. Media plays a very strong role in determining the attitudes and shaping the behaviors of the individuals in a society. Free press and media can contribute a lot to the political development, economic growth and eradicating social injuries from the society. Therefore, media and its reach are important elements that can help to adopt a democratic approach in politics, achieve economic sustainability and eradicate social evils from a society. This study explains the role of media as a gatekeeper, watch dog and the force multiplier. The role media can play in political development, economic development and the social development of the country is very critical since the individual’s perceptions and actual behaviors are shaped with help of print, electronic and social media channels. Media can also act as a medium of state propaganda and it can become a resistance for change as well as a supporter for any change. Media has a significant impact on the national development because media is responsible for shaping the national identity and censoring the sensitive information. The impact of media on national development is also dependent on the restrictions faced by the media. The free press and media will have a larger impact on national development as compared to the restricted media.



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