Impact of Separated Families on Students Educational Performance and Social Development


  • Muzamil AL Hussaini Pak Govt


Academic Achievement, Behavior Improvement, Family Breakup Effects, Pupils Performance


The smallest, most delicate, and most significant social system that is supported and enabled by society as a broader social system is the family. The family, being a significant primary agent of socialization and a strong effect on the child's development, can undoubtedly help or hurt the child's academic performance depending on the social climate in the home. This study aims to assess how Separated families affect students' academic achievement and behavioral growth in public elementary schools. Three hundred (500) identified respondents who were from dysfunctional households were chosen to take part in the study.

To test the students' knowledge of the subject, the researchers utilized a descriptive-survey research technique design. They used a customized questionnaire (Behavioral Checklist from Psychological Associates, 2019) and field observations to gather data. It was discovered that while factors like age, sex, grade level, sibling count, and who a student lives with have no bearing on how they behave in school, their behavior development does. This study came to the conclusion that a learner's behavior and attitude have an impact on their academic progress.



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