Oil price war during covid-19 and its impact on Pakistan


  • Umar Ali Abbasi


This article gives view point on the oil war prices between countries in the time of covid-19. It also provides brief history and the role of OPEC and non OPEC countries to detect the oil prices. The objective of this study to analyze the positions of the countries in this war, impacts on countries economy, as well as on Pakistan’s economy. The discourse analysis is used for the data analysis. For the brief understanding of the issue, theoretical work also been done. Furthermore, comprehensive discussion has been extracted after analyzing data at the end of the paper.




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Abbasi, U. A. (2021). Oil price war during covid-19 and its impact on Pakistan. Graduate Journal of Pakistan Review (GJPR), 1(1), 48–58. Retrieved from https://journals.pakistanreview.com/index.php/GJPR/article/view/103