Media Literacy in Youth: Media usage in youth on Secondary School Level


  • Javeria Tahir Riphah Institute of Media Sciences
  • Erham Ahmed


Media literacy, digital world, prosumers, youth media usage, responsible media


Media literacy, the ability to access, analyze and use media, is of increasing importance in the digital age, particularly for young people who are actively engaging with media to access and disseminate information and represent themselves in online communities. The youth of today have become "prosumers" of media content, meaning they are not just passive consumers but also produce content themselves. Consequently, it is essential to examine the media practices of young people. This study investigates the media practices of secondary school students by conducting a survey. The results, analyzed using SPSS, reveal that students are well-informed about current media platforms and are increasingly engaged in creating content. This shift from consumption to production suggests that young people are becoming more media literate and developing important skills that will enable them to participate more effectively in the digital world. The findings of this study can help educators and policymakers in developing strategies to enhance media literacy among young people and promote responsible media use.



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