Illiteracy in Pakistan


  • Nauman Ali Kalhoro


Illiteracy in Pakistan, education system, resource gap, literate Pakistan, South Asian literacy, National literacy, education policy


This research gave some important suggestion to the government to take some serious initiatives to improve illiteracy rate especially of Balochistan. We are to look into on the central issues identified with the low education rate. When it comes to policies regarding to tackle Illiteracy Rate in Pakistan, we can observe that various programs were initiated by the previous governments. Pakistan’s literacy rate is better than Afghanistan and South Sudan. Additionally, the role of parents in a society where illiteracy rate is common is also as important as providing the infrastructure and quality. This ultimately contributes to the Illiteracy rate in Pakistan drastically over the years. This research emphasized on various local perspective points that are the causes of high illiteracy rate in Pakistan. Attitude of a Teacher: Finally, but not least, poor infrastructure has contributed to the rate of Illiteracy in Pakistan remarkably. The National Literacy Movement have also launched program in remote areas of Pakistan such as tehsils and district to eliminate or at least reduce the illiteracy rate. We have picked this topic to break down the issues related to low education pace of Pakistan. Illiterate people are far away from the information of new policies that are being introduced by society and in society. Resource Gap is defined as the small and conflicting money related help; prompts vulnerability about financing for advancement of proficiency rate among the country. The sent passed a bill making it mandatory for the government to provide free education up to 16 years of education. Though, Pakistani is aware that illiteracy is one of the causes of poor performance of the country on all fronts. One of the major problems of Pakistan is illiteracy. The above hindrances to impart skill to its citizen will soon affect the country in every aspect of life.




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