Climate Change and Global News Perspective: Coverage of Flood Cataclysm by Global News Agents


  • Javeria Tahir Riphah Institute of Media Sciences


Global news flow has a significant role in establishing communication between distinct parts of the Globe. This flow of news is attributed to some prominent news agencies such as AFP, AP, and Reuters. These agencies maintain 80% of global news reporting and hence work in developing a perspective on any issue. Climate change is one of the main global issues. Amongst others, Flooding is also a direct product of Climate Change. Floods in Pakistan had always made a disastrous impact on the development of the country. Pakistan is in the top 10 countries that are susceptible to climate risks according to Global Climate Risk Index 2021. It is believed that a prominent global perspective on floods in Pakistan is required to enunciate discourse on tackling the situation. Pakistan is suffering from the damage created by significant others. There is a lack of research and discourse on Climatic Cataclysm and news reporting on its reasons and effects in Pakistan. The current study intends to identify the representation of the Flood disaster in Pakistan in international news reports and how this news reporting is creating a global news perspective on climatic conditions. The study used qualitative content analysis approach to analyze the news articles reported in the global news agencies Reuters, Al-Jazeera, and CNN on the Floods cataclysm in Pakistan. The articles are selected by the headlines and the content is analyzed on themes. The results identify the significant role of global news agencies in expanding climate change discussions around the world. The results showed that the major factor of news focused on the economic and financial crisis but less focused on the Climate crisis and its future effects. Aljazeera has significantly different coverage pattern than CNN and Reuters. Aljazeera reported on the theme of Climate Crisis and its future implications.

            Keywords: Global news perspective, flood cataclysm, news reporting, news agencies, content analysis



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