Welcome to Pakistan Review

Pakistan Review is a research and publication network, running academic research journals, providing research and publishing services to academic and corporate sectors. The Pakistan Review research and publications is part of Technology Research and Innovation Markaz (TRIM) Pakistan. Most of Pakistan Review journals are published biannually (January and July) and operate through peer review process. We have separate editorial teams in each Journal so please visit the relevant journal to find out information about the members of editorial team of that specific Journal.

Pakistan Review Journals


  • Pakistan Review of Social Sciences (PRSS)

    Pakistan Review of Social Sciences (PRSS) is a biannual peer reviewed journal that publishes book reviews, research articles, thesis/ dissertations, and academic essays. PRSS covers most of Social Sciences disciplines in its publications.

  • Graduate Journal of Pakistan Review (GJPR)

    This journal is setup to promote research activities in Pakistan by providing a publication platform to the university students and junior scholars so that they can publish their work. This will help in creating a research-friendly environment in Pakistani academia.

  • Journal of Global Peace and Security Studies (JGPSS)

    Journal of Global Peace and Security Studies (JGPSS) is a peer-reviewed biannual journal that publishes innovative research articles on peace and security studies. JGPSS addresses theoretical and practical questions posed by the fast-changing world by focusing on the emerging trends and counter-trends in peace and security studies.

  • The Journal of Metaverse and Gaming Studies

    The Journal of Metaverse and Gaming Studies is a biannual peer-reviewed academic journal focusing on the intersection of the metaverse and gaming in Pakistan. This journal provides a platform for researchers, practitioners, and scholars to share and discuss their research and insights on the latest trends, advancements, and challenges in this rapidly growing field.

  • International Journal of Anthro Insights (IJAI)

    International Journal of Anthro Insights (IJAI) aims to foster a blend of evidence-based and data driven scholarly research articles and reports. IJAI is a quarterly, peer reviewed journal.

    Anthro Insights is a social enterprise focused on driving development innovations through modern analytics, business intelligence and digital solutions. It invests in harvesting smart data driven solutions for evidence-based research, performance management and decision support mechanisms to ensure outcome for initiatives.

  • International Journal of Conference Proceedings (IJCP)

    The International Journal of Conference Proceedings (IJCP) is publishes the proceedings from conferences in every academic and non-academic discipline. IJCP aims to help the Conference organizers/ institutes/ organizations/ professional associations to increase the impact of their conference by publishing their proceedings in IJCP.