Religion and Epidemics: An Islamic Perspective

  • Dr. Sajid Hussein Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Swabi University
  • Aziz Khan MPhil Candidate, Department of Political Science, Hazara University Mansehra
  • Muhammad Imran Mehsud Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Hazara University Mansehra
Keywords: Pandemic, Religion, Challenges


Infectious disease can take the shape of pandemic, epidemic and endemic. When any infectious disease present in any specific society, it is known as endemic. Epidemic is the rapid exceed of cases in the disease for a specific period of a time and influence large number of population, then what is normally expected. When large number of people over broad geographical region becomes vulnerable and influence by the disease as a result of the concurrent outbreak of the disease, can take the form of pandemic. The main aim of this paper is that to analyze the different religious perspective about pandemics and epidemics in term of their causes, preventive measures and cure. The study conducted through qualitative method and data has been collected from secondary sources i.e. books, journals, research papers, newspapers etc. Broadly speaking, Muslim, Christian and Jews considered pandemics and epidemics as a punishment of God, sent down on people due to their sin or evil. The follower of these religions also favors preventive measures, medication and care for the victim of epidemics.