The Effect of Birth Order on Personality Trait (Extraversion)



Gender Differences, Extraversion, Personality Traits, Birth Order


This study examines how birth order affects personality traits, specifically extraversion, in firstborn and lastborn individuals. A comparative research design was used, and data was gathered from 160 participants - 80 firstborns and 80 lastborns. Both groups consisted of 40 male and 40 female participants between the ages of 16 and 22 who were selected through purposive sampling. Eysenck's Personality Inventory was used as the assessment tool, and the data were analyzed using an independent sample t-test. The results showed a significant difference in extraversion between firstborn and lastborn individuals but no difference based on gender.

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Jehanzeb, M., Masud Khan, M. R., Saleem, M., & Malik, D. N. (2024). The Effect of Birth Order on Personality Trait (Extraversion) . Pakistan Review of Social Sciences (PRSS), 5(1), 14–20. Retrieved from