Editorial Cartoons and Current Political Situation: A Content Analysis of Cartoons


  • Sana Maryum Riphah Institute of Media Sciences, Riphah International University, Islamabad


Keywords: Dawn, The News International, editorial cartoons, political scenario, Pakistan.


Media, especially visual media, can strongly influence society's perceptions, opinions, and views. Editorial cartoons, a notable aspect of newspapers and magazines, not only reflect changes in public opinions but also the discourse surrounding a particular issue. This study evaluated the current political scenario of Pakistan by analyzing daily cartoons published by Dawn and The News International. This study employed a qualitative research approach and the content analysis as a research design. The researcher gathered and analyzed more than 200 editorial cartoons from both dailies. The researcher segmented the cartoons based on the issues they portrayed and found that both dailies lacked sufficient focus on contemporary societal issues, focusing primarily on political parties or the nation's economic situation. The study offered appropriate recommendations for both cartoon creators and readers. This research concludes that The News International depicts the effects of the nation's political landscape on the public, intra-party relations, and constructing a figurehead for blame. In contrast, Dawn's criticisms and depictions align with the dominant social zeitgeist. Both dailies lack in their portrayal of social issues and subject matter outside of political figureheads.




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