Registration, Production, and Export of Medical Devices: An Assessment of Reforms


  • Ahmad Waqar
  • Abdul Haseeb Pakistan institute of Development Economics
  • Kishwer Ali Artas


Impact Evaluation, Reforms, Board of investment, Sludge


With the growth of the healthcare market in Pakistan, the demand for medical devices is rapidly increasing. The COVID-19 pandemic has also triggered the demand for medical devices in domestic and international markets. Even though Pakistan has a strong link in the medical devices global value chain yet it contributes less than 0.2% to the medical devices export market.[1] To cater to the increase in demand for medical devices during the wave COVID-19 and to transform the industry into export-oriented, the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) took several reforms to simplify the registration and manufacturing process to facilitate the medical devices manufacturing industry and improve its export competitiveness.  The objective of this report is to evaluate the impact of some of these reforms on the medical device market in general and on the medical device manufacturers in particular. This report estimates that these reforms have saved about 6.07 billion PKR in terms of administrative burden.


[1] Export share of Pakistan in the export of medical devices is calculated from the data (HS: 9018 to 9022) obtained from the UN Comtrade.



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