Evaluation of three sports think tanks in Guizhou Province of China


  • Zhubing Sun +8613984700909


Think tank; Competitiveness; influence; evaluation


This study adopts the research method of descriptive narrative to evaluate three representative sports think tanks in Guizhou province, aiming to establish a strategic enhancement plan to improve the influence of think tanks. A sample of 69 staff members from three sports think tanks was used to evaluate the results through quantitative analysis.The study found that: The three sports think tanks have certain competitiveness in social influence and government influence, while academic influence, external cooperation and exchange, organization of think tanks have poor performance; Methods to enhance the competitiveness of sports think tank include :Improve the application of achievements and increase the academic influence of think tanks ,Strengthen the building of talented personnel,Expand foreign exchanges and cooperation,Optimize organizational structure and improve system management. The ultimate purpose of the study is to provide useful theoretical reference for the development of Sports think tanks in China



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