The Journal of metaverse and gaming studies is a biannual peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the study of virtual worlds and gaming. This journal provides a forum for the exchange of theoretical, empirical, and practical scholarship on the design, development, use, and impact of virtual worlds and gaming. The journal publishes original research, reviews, and reflections from scholars, practitioners, and educators. The research presented in this journal covers a wide range of topics, including the design and operation of virtual worlds, the application of virtual worlds and gaming to education, the use of virtual worlds and gaming in social contexts, the development and implementation of game-based learning, and the effects of virtual worlds and gaming on society. In addition to presenting research, the journal also provides an opportunity for authors to reflect on their work and discuss their findings with the wider community. The Journal of metaverse and gaming studies is committed to promoting rigorous, interdisciplinary research and to fostering meaningful dialogue between researchers, practitioners, and educators. 


The Research Journal of Metaverse and Gaming Studies aims to provide a platform for researchers, academics, and practitioners to publish and share their research, findings, and insights in the fields of Metaverse and Gaming Studies. This journal intends to provide a platform for cutting-edge research and discourse on the emerging Metaverse the borderless, digital universe that is emerging as a result of the convergence of virtual reality, augmented reality, and other immersive technologies. 


The scope of the journal includes, but is not limited to, the following topics: 

  • Metaverse design and development 
  • Virtual and augmented reality in gaming 
  • Gaming culture and community 
  • Game design and game mechanics 
  • Game analysis and evaluation 
  • Game-based learning and education 
  • Gaming psychology and player behavior 
  • Ethical and social issues in gaming and metaverse 
  • Game data analysis and big data in gaming 
  • Game engine technology and development 
  • Cross-disciplinary studies that include gaming and metaverse. 
  • Exploring the implications of the Metaverse for society and culture 
  •  Analyzing the impact of the Metaverse on business, education, entertainment, and other industries 
  •  Examining the legal and ethical implications of the Metaverse  
  • Discussing the technical and design challenges associated with building and maintaining the Metaverse 
  • Exploring the opportunities for new forms of creativity in the Metaverse  
  • Exploring the potential of the Metaverse to create new economic models and digital markets 
  • Exploring the implications of the Metaverse for the future of work, education, healthcare, and other areas of digital transformation