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A sample of 69 staff members from three sports think tanks was used to evaluate the results through quantitative analysis.The study found that: The three sports think tanks have certain competitiveness in social influence and government influence, while academic influence, external cooperation and exchange, organization of think tanks have poor performance; Methods to enhance the competitiveness of sports think tank include :Improve the application of achievements and increase the academic influence of think tanks ,Strengthen the building of talented personnel,Expand foreign exchanges and cooperation,Optimize organizational structure and improve system management. The ultimate purpose of the study is to provide useful theoretical reference for the development of Sports think tanks in China</p> Zhubing Sun Copyright (c) 2022 Pakistan Review of Social Sciences (PRSS) 2022-09-07 2022-09-07 3 1 Causes of ban on Chinese celebrities and their fan clubs on social media by Chinese government <p>This article states the latest distress between the government of China and the celebrities and their fan clubs on social media. It analyses the reasons behind government impose ban on these celebrities and their fan clubs on social media, their data being entirely erased from the Internet. Fan clubs and fan communities are the vital part of any celebrity's professional career, life and fame. The article assesses the reasons behind imposition of ban by the Chinese government as they generally use celebrities for their projects’ promotions and the recent development is how much in favor of government by curbing the rising craze of celebrities and their fan communities.</p> Erham Ahmed Copyright (c) 2022 Pakistan Review of Social Sciences (PRSS) 2022-09-07 2022-09-07 3 1 Effects of Societal Broadcasting on Student’s Educational Status <p>Pakistan is the third biggest country in terms of internet users worldwide, with a high Societal and mobile audience. In Pakistan, Societal networking sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube , Twitter, Instagram, etc divert students from their studies. Students spend more time on societal media than they do use personal email. Even though, there is privacy and safety loss. It provides opportunities for connecting with friends, classmates, and people with a shared interest. Today, the main aim of the student should be education and their future career. However, many students rely on the accessibility of information on societal media different types. That means reduced focus on learning and retaining information. The study also points out the popularity of Societal networking sites among the student community. Societal networking sites and societal media have revolutionized the world, bringing us closer than ever before. However, students can exploit this and use it for a better life, a better tomorrow. It should be used to connect, stay in touch, and share views but not waste time. The sample size for the study is 200. A questionnaire is designed to determine the various societal media factors that impact students’ education. Variables identified are gender, education, societal influence, and academic status.</p> Muzamil AL Hussaini Copyright (c) 2022 Pakistan Review of Social Sciences (PRSS) 2022-09-07 2022-09-07 3 1 Cyber Threat to Pakistan National Security: National Security and Threat Perception <p><em>In Pakistan cyber security threat is a rising issue. It is because Pakistan does not have compatible cyber security parameters. Which is enhancing more challenges for Pakistan in world? Pakistan facing cyber security dilemma in south Asia. Pakistan does not pay her attention to securing digital network. So Pakistan’s national security infrastructure is also losing its strength. So this is a rising national security threat for Pakistan, here Pakistan really need to pay attention to its cyber security and make policies and strategies to secure cyberspace.</em></p> Syed Bilal Ahmad Dr. M. Sheharyar Khan Copyright (c) 2022 Pakistan Review of Social Sciences (PRSS) 2022-09-07 2022-09-07 3 1 Israel-Palestine Conflict and the Role of International Organizations <p><em>The Israel Palestine conflict has been an unresolved issue for more than 70 years with occupation of Israeli forces and convicted humanitarian crisis in Palestine. The past of Palestine before World War-I was not same as now. The Jews started to migrate into the Middle East and Palestine for formation of Jews state through Belfour declaration as the Palestine remained a colony of Britain in 19th century. The Jews started their Zionist movement in the occupied region by threatening innocent people of Palestine. The land of Palestine is very important for all in religious point of view i.e Jews, Muslims and Christians. The land of Israel was recognized by UN in 1948 as an independent and sovereign state. The Israel with the support of western countries remained victorious in the Arab-Israel war. The role of organization like UN and OIC put neutral stance on Palestine issue with series of some failure and successes. Israel increased its build up against Hamas and PLO which were involved in attacks in Tal -Aviv. These terrorist activities of non-state actors involved in the conflict provide a chance to Israel for increasing its crimes in Palestinian territories on vindicating of supporting terrorist groups. In 2020, Israel was recognized as a full member of UN and until now the independence of Palestine has not been decided yet and it might be difficult to resolve it in near future. </em></p> Fahim Ghaffar Khan Copyright (c) 2022 Pakistan Review of Social Sciences (PRSS) 2022-09-10 2022-09-10 3 1