Rise of Anti-Americanism in Pakistani Youth Following Regime Change


  • Sohaib Latif Iqra University, islamabad campus
  • Hafsa Ali Iqra University, Islamabad


To answer the question about rising anti-Americanism in Pakistani youth, the research paper investigates the Rise of anti-American sentiments among Pakistani youth after the 2022 regime change that removed Prime Minister Imran Khan from power. The problem with the regime changes in Pakistan has deep historical roots, and Pakistan has witnessed a plethora of these problems since its inception. The current analysis focuses on historical and contemporary global influences, particularly the United States’ involvement in Pakistani politics in the past century. Notwithstanding the correlation between political instability in Pakistan and the involvement of the United States in it, Pakistan recently experienced a surge of regime change when Imran Khan – a famous cricketer turned politician – was removed from office with a ‘no confidence’ motion. The research paper will examine the historical roots of the regime change in Pakistan with a particular reference to the recent phenomenon of regime change and its influence on the attitude of Pakistani youth toward America. Secondly, the paper investigates various aspects of social media and political discourses to determine the degree of U.S.-centric narratives fostering anti-Americanism. The research paper will use a qualitative content analysis methodology. It will use the technique of scooping review and thematic analysis to analyze the themes of anti-Americanism in Pakistani youth. In conclusion, the paper suggests the omnipresence of anti-Americanism being heavily intertwined with nationalist and socio-religious concepts due to United States foreign policy. The research paper aims to present a freshly researched drawing on modern-day sources of knowledge covering the dynamics of anti-American sentiments among modern Pakistani youth and social media influence.

Author Biographies

Sohaib Latif, Iqra University, islamabad campus

The researcher has done mechanical engineering from NUST. He has also done MBA from IQRA University Islamabad. He is currently doing Mphil in International Development Studies from IQRA University Islamabad.

Hafsa Ali, Iqra University, Islamabad

The co-researcher has done bachelors in International Relations from NUML. And currently doing Mphil in International Relations from IQRA University Islamabad.



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