Climate Change: Pakistan’s Soaring Vulnerability


  • Rohail Qaiser


climate change, Disasters, Socio-economic Instability, Pakistan’s Population


Climate change is considered to be the new horror for the human race. After years, decades, and centuries of never-ending wars globally, the world was finally set to achieve peace and stability, but a non-conventional threat to the human race has been threatening the human population for the past few decades. However, the magnitude of this threat is not equal in every part of the world, some are facing mild consequences, but some communities face severe implications of climate change, and Pakistan is one of those countries in the world. In this research, the author aims to investigate the intensity of the effects of climate change in Pakistan. Who are the core perpetrators of climate change? How Pakistan is facing severe consequences on psychological, economic, and social grounds? Recommendation to be adapted in order to save Pakistan from severe future effects of climate change? Only the primary effects of climate change are evident to the people, but the underlying secondary effects of this dilemma are not highlighted, primarily in the context of Pakistan, and how it leads to the social dismantling and psychological pressure on the people suffering through this. For this study, the data has been collected from sources such as articles, journals, books, speeches, conferences, reports, and surveys. To tackle the primary and secondary effects of the issues, it is obligatory to understand the issue by taking a holistic approach.



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