Aim and Scope of the Journal:

The human race is facing challenges and threats of a number and magnitude unprecedented in its brief history as the dominant species on the planet. Environmental stress from climate change, political stress from mass migration, and psychological stress on at-risk populations combine to bring the importance of effective crisis communication into sharp focus.

The International Journal of Crisis Communication offers a dynamic and efficient interdisciplinary platform for scholars in environmental communication, risk communication, health communication, journalism studies, psychology and sociology to explore the myriad aspects of the communication challenges we face.

Peer Review Policy:

  • The International Journal of Crisis Communication is a peer-reviewed publication of Green Publishers.
    • Manuscript topics are reviewed by senior editors, and if accepted, are assigned to independent reviewers appointed by the editorial board.
    • The editor appointed by the editorial board is responsible to ensure that the final manuscript is consistent with the theme of the selected issue.
    • The IJCC utilizes the Green Publishers electronic submission and peer-review system to facilitate reviewing and revision during the peer-review process.